The Performance Analyzer is a Microsoft Access-based software tool that helps users to store and analyze data generated from Environmental Results Program (ERP) projects. Users must have an understanding of the ERP process. The Performance Analyzer enables users to input multiple rounds of data from both facility inspections and self-certifications. Users can analyze a single round of data or compare two rounds. It facilitates the development of graphs and tables to illustrate various data combinations and subsets, and export to Excel spreadsheets to use with JMP software to perform statistical analysis.

The Performance Analyzer was first developed by Tetra Tech, Inc. for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA) contracted with Tetra Tech to modify the original Performance Analyzer to enable users to automatically upload project questions and facility answers from an Excel spreadsheet.


All users must register and review and complete a User's Agreement to download and access the Performance Analyzer. This will enable NEWMOA to provide any future updates, corrections, or alerts about the tool. The User's Agreement will help you understand the restrictions and limitations on disseminating the software to others.

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